connecting you to your next great client...

  • Trying to build awareness for a new product or service?
  • Struggling to keep up with aggressive sales targets?
  • Tired of not making the right connections at tradeshows?
  • Looking for a more efficient way to identify qualified prospects?

Whether you're short on time, resources, or even the expertise to generate qualified prospects, TouchPoint for Business can help connect you to your next great client. We identify target customers, refine your sales pitch, and put you in the room with qualified prospects so that you can grow your business. Here's how we do it...

  • Understand

We want to be an extension of your team, so we spend a great deal of time up front learning about your business and understanding your philosophy so we can represent you authentically.

  • Action

We reach out to potential customers as an extension of your sales team. Our end goal is to book face to face meetings for you with qualified prospects.

  • Segment

There are millions of businesses in North America, and you're probably looking for ones of a specific size, within a particular geographic region, in a certain industry. We can help you build a list of businesses that match your ideal customer description.

  • Meet

No, we don't go to the meeting with you. But we do bring you up to speed on what we learned through discussions with the prospective client to ensure that you are prepared to be your best in the room. We also cheer really loud for you from afar.

  • Target

We take list building one step further through lead analysis. We identify warm and cold leads, and then prioritize the most promising companies first to get results faster.

  • Feedback

We like to hear about your meetings so we can do a better job next time around. This is a process that gets better and better with time.

  • Position

We apply what we've learned from countless sales calls to enhance your approach and your odds of connecting with a potential client.


  • "We engaged TouchPoint for six months to build up a sales pipeline and fuel our growth. Any company we wanted to meet with, they could get us in front of the right person. It was amazing work. When we need to boost our sales again, we'll be working with TouchPoint."
    -Bob Leigh, President, Prolucid Technologies

  • "Touchpoint has been our most effective channel to generate high quality, high potential meetings with senior marke- ting executives across North America."
    -John Watts, VP Client Service, Digital Cement

  • "Kailey gets us meetings we would have trouble getting any other way. And she gets us high (CEO, VP) level meetings with the people who make the decisions. I highly recommend her."
    -Brian Torsney, President, PLAY Advertising

  • "Several of the sales appointments resulted in multimillion dollar new business for our organization. I highly recomm- end Kailey and Touchpoint!"
    -Deb Trout, Director of Strategic Account, Staples Print Solutions

  • "Kailey and her team are always professional, and always deliver on-time and on-budget. Most impressive is the level of proactivity we get from TouchPoint, they go out of their way to advise of potential issues, head them off at the pass, and then report back when a resolution is achieved."
    - Mark Healy, Partner, Mark Healy Consulting


We believe reaching out to another business to make a connection requires warmth and courtesy just as much as it requires acute business knowledge and clear communication. It's this extra emphasis on the art of conversation and relationship building that allows us to create a great first impression which puts you at an advantage when you go in to close the deal.

According to our clients, it works:

  • 60% of leads converted to prospects within 12 months
  • 90% of meetings are Director-level or higher
  • 95% of meetings qualify, based on the client's defined expectations
  • Recent clients have converted 80% of meetings to business & doubled customer growth each year

We stand behind our work: our pay for performance model ensures that we deliver on-time and on-budget.

KAILEY JOHNSTONE , Chief Connection Officer

  • 7+ years of experience helping businesses build new revenue-generating relationships
  • Founded TouchPoint in 2008
  • Expertise in Marketing Services, Healthcare, Engineering,
    Information Technology, Financial Services, Media
    Government & Consulting
  • Kailey lives in Toronto with her new puppy, Harlow

In today's crowded B2B market, there's too much noise from too many competitors for you to rely solely on having a great product with a clearly communicated value proposition. If you want a prospect to invite you in and give you the time of day, you need to make a great first impression and a memorable connection.

I started TouchPoint to create connections for business owners and salespeople so that they can effectively grow their businesses. My goal is to break down the barriers that currently exist between businesses by introducing people and creating a space for conversation and value creation.

  • "I genuinely relied on Kailey's insight and suggestions on how to structure my sales process. She really knows lead generation and understands what works and what doesn't. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to build their business."
    - Christine Laperriere, Owner, Leader in Motion

  • "Kailey is a great person to work with. She understood our business quickly, and began generating results for us right away. I highly recommend Kailey and will hire her again in my new capacity."
    -Sharad Verma, President, Digital Cement

  • "Kailey is a real 'get it done' type of person who achieves her client goals, and works with her clients to find the best solutions. She is easy to work with, a great communicator, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."
    -Mark Binns, Partner, Torque Customer Strategy



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